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A Simple Fix For StubHub's Advertising: Don't Forget The Call To Action
By: Forbes
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I am a resident of what is arguably the advertisement capital of the world, New York City. Since I also work in this bustling city, I have the fortunate or unfortunate (depending on your viewpoint) exposure to countless billboards and advertisements on my commute to and from work each day. It does not matter which route I take, there is no escaping the sea of ads. However, since I work in the digital marketing industry, unlike most New Yorkers, I actually look at the ads and at times even enjoy doing so.

With that said, most ads in the digital marketing space carry distinct differences from those of the offline advertisements I see in the city each day. The main difference between online and offline is that you can measure nearly everything in terms of results and performance when it comes to the digital world. When you’re doing offline billboard advertising, it’s hard to measure things like traffic to your site, sales generated, and overall brand awareness from the particular initiative you’re examining. A digital ad, on the other hand, makes it quite simple to track and monitor how many customers are clicking on the ad, visiting your website, and then converting or making a purchase. Print media outlets estimate impressions and circulation numbers, but key performance indicators, like those mentioned above, are often hard to identify. While the differences between offline ads and digital ads are substantial in many ways, the common objective across all ad types is ultimately to drive brand awareness and lead generation.

A lot of the billboards I look at each day are well done with strong creative and compelling messaging behind them (as they should be–NYC is a very expensive territory to advertise in), however there are always a few that fall a bit short. Some of the ads occupying this competitive marketing “real estate” seemingly make no real effort to drive sales or even generate visits to their website. Even if an immediate sale does not occur, it’s important that brands drive visitors to their site so that they can continue marketing to them and move them further down the conversion funnel.


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