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Five Ways Agencies Can Dismantle Systems Keeping Diversity Out
By: AdAge
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I'm grateful to those taking up the charge to build an industry reflective of the world we live in, though we would be remiss to talk about the progress we're working toward without addressing the most pressing and uncomfortable issue keeping diversity out of agencies. I'm talking about white supremacy -- a core component of inequality most ad agency folks are reluctant to acknowledge.

Wait! Don't stop reading, I know it seems dramatic to see the words "white supremacy" and "ad agency" in the same sentence, but hear me out. My hope in writing about such a charged topic is not to shame our industry, but rather to start a conversation about the root problem preventing us from being inclusive. Once we move past the initial shock, it becomes clear that white supremacy is nearly invisible in our everyday lives -- all the more reason to call it out.

White supremacy is an ugly term with an uglier past, conjuring images of Nazis and the KKK, undoubtedly two of the reasons it's uncomfortable talking about it. It's a shameful part of our history we'd rather bury because acknowledging it means we're complicit and that's all it takes to shut most of us down. That said, it's critically important to acknowledge a much wider definition of white supremacy apart from the overtly racist symbols of Civil Rights-era America and hate groups. It's our misguided aversion to the subject of white supremacy that keeps wide-reaching, sustainable diversity beyond our grasp.


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