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Clients Who Don't Pay: Hasn't the Industry Had Enough?
By: Marketing Interactive
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There is nothing more appalling than non-paying clients (no, not even scam ads) in our industry. While we may have come a long way, certain issues still plague the industry as they did decades ago – and non-paying clients top the list. Makes you wonder: how much have we really progressed?

Non-paying clients are big and small, local and multinational, so let’s not discriminate. Suffering most from this lack of professionalism are the smaller agencies in Singapore. Speaking to a few such agencies here, revealed some of the most outrageous reasons for clients not paying.

“Sorry, my boss is in a bad mood. She hasn’t signed the PO.” Or “you need to come by and make her happy. Give her some cakes and sweet stuff. She likes agencies like that. You guys are not ‘friendly’ enough”.

Worse still? A project starts, but never sees the light of the day. Not because the agency didn’t complete the work, but the marketing lead on the account changed so often. Let me put that in perspective – 14 people in three years – each demanding the agency submit the work following new directions and guidelines, but the agency was expected to honour the initial quotation and keep producing the work.


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