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The Convergence Of Advertising & E-Commerce
By: Forbes
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The conversation around ad blocking continues to grow.

In Mary Meeker’s annual Internet Trends Report, one of the feature slides in the advertising section shared that some 220 million desktop browsers and 430 million mobile users are currently blocking ads.

Even when display ads do get seen, many question their effectiveness.

Many answers have been offered, like native content that feels more like the experience of the application or platform that the ad is being delivered within. Klickly, whose founder Cooper Harris is featured in the video above, has a different answer: turn display ads into little mobile shopping carts where people can buy without actually leaving the ad.

Here’s how it works: A user sees an ad for a product, usually under $30. Instead of clicking to be taken off to some other website or app, they can actually enter their information and buy right from the ad. If they’ve made a purchase with Klickly before, they can use their previously saved information.


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