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Department of Transportation Electrifies At Nordstrom
By: Briskman Stanfield
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Changes! Some embrace, others detest. But life moves on in strange and often unexpected ways. In the (archaic liquor) State of Pennsylvania it will soon become (omg!) legal to buy wine in grocery stores!! 

Old news to most states, especially hip California, where not only wine can be bought in grocery stores (and everywhere in between), but as of this Saturday, in time for Father’s Day, cars — as in the new Tesla Model X SUV — can be purchased while perusing the Nordstrom goods at The Grove in Los Angeles!

Giving new meaning to the term "impulsive shopping," the Tesla Galleries is a pilot venture, strongly initiated by Ganesh Srivats, the luxury carmaker’s vice president of North American sales. It makes perfect sense because Srivats was a former retail executive at the British fashion house Burberry with past Nordstrom connections.
Hopefully not intended to be too discriminating, Elon Musk’s Tesla Motors will park their electric Tesla X SUV in the Nordstrom men’s department. But why not in cosmetics, or handbags, since it is a fact that "68% of women" influence new car purchases?  Apparently even though Tesla may claim this male domain to spread their gullwings, the gracious hands-on approach is a mini showroom introduction geared to ALL customers and auto enthusiasts, with an added bonus opportunity to set up test-drives.

And as foreign as it may sound, a car area in an upscale department store may just work. Especially for Tesla, a growing in-demand brand that is a leader in fun, excitement, and innovation. Tesla definitely stands alone in a good way, so why not stir a little separation showroom lair anxiety and become more inviting to the chosen demographic shopper/s?

Until they get their (in-process) license to sell, the bottom line is the sale has to take place at the nearest Tesla Store or online, which is still a techy new sales approach. 

And FYI, with the cheaper more affordable Model 3 available by 2018, who knows what future partnerships (with built-in advertising) could appear on shoppers' convenience horizon? 

Talk about the ultimate in retail therapy!

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