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How Facebook Could Dominate Local Commerce and Advertising
By: Forbes
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As president and co-founder of an online marketing platform, I’ve seen tremendous shifts around local commerce the past few years. Local news and print marketing have been upended by online equivalents that offer more personalized discovery, powered by social feedback. Local businesses already know that the lion’s share of their marketing should be online, and that’s how they’re earning customers’ loyalty today.

We’re increasingly seeing winner-take-all economics, and it’s no surprise to see industry leaders investing to capture their market. One company that is uniquely positioned to run the gauntlet is Facebook, which has been less publicly putting together assets that could disrupt local search, local news and loyalty marketing — and, in the process, solidify its local advertising proposition. But for Facebook to establish itself in the local space, it will require bolder steps and an integrated vision. Here’s what that might look like.

Facebook As The Local Commerce Check-In
Facebook is the most popular service for the “check-in” function made popular by Foursquare, and although the check-in rode on the coattails of Foursquare, its use has waned dramatically in the past years. One of the biggest reasons is that consumers don’t have a good reason to check in: the novelty of being the “mayor” of your local hamburger joint and earning a badge only lasts so long. So what would make a consumer check in? The answer is money.


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