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Can Personalization Make Advertising Great Again?
By: Forbes
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The denouement of the TV series Mad Men, set against the 1970s world of advertising, hinged on one of the greatest ad campaigns of all time: Coca-Cola’s “I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke.” That’s when advertising was great.

That Coke campaign came out at a very different time, with very different consumer expectations. There were no smartphones, location-based apps, or social media platforms. Ads were served on TV or radio, in newspapers and magazines, or on billboards, and advertisers played to broad audiences. Today, companies still serve ads on all of those platforms, but they also present them on any number of digital platforms and devices. An expectation of consumers is that the information is relevant to their needs, wants, and lifestyles.

In short, advertising today must strike a very personal chord with consumers—a simple principle that’s very complicated to implement.

“The ability for the systems to talk to each other, the ability to understand that the iPhone I’m speaking to you on now is connected to my computer and how, as an advertiser, you can make that linkage without necessarily having personally identifiable information to work with—these are all challenges to reaching a particular consumer with the right message at the right time,” says Claire Alexander, Oracle’s senior director of product marketing.

Beyond Skin Deep
Most advertisers today achieve some kind of personalization. But despite their best efforts, some of them go only skin deep.


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