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Are Advertisers 'Game' for Sponsorships Again?
By: Stuart Elliott
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We're well into the Upfronts, as the major TV networks are wooing advertisers with sneak peeks of their schedules for the 2016-17 season. Once again, there's a focus on new ways of reaching consumers as traditional commercials, which interrupt the programming that viewers want to watch, become less and less effective.

There's lots of talk this week about potential solutions, replete with industry jargon such as branded content, creative partnerships, integrated marketing and native solutions. In looking for answers to modern-day problems, Madison Avenue would do well to look back into the past -- and fortunately, there's now an opportunity to do just that.

Last month, Time Warner Cable in Manhattan added to its lineup, on channel 1265, a digital multicast network called Buzzr, owned by FremantleMedia North America. Buzzr, which also has a presence online, specializes in reruns of vintage game shows from the FremantleMedia library, including "Card Sharks," "Family Feud," "Let's Make a Deal," "Match Game" and "Press Your Luck."


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