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Crystal Ball Breakers
By: The Ad Contrarian
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If you ever need a good laugh, a surefire place to start is by reading the futuristic bullshit of marketing geniuses.

Last week, Ad Age ran the 10,000th piece on the future of advertising and how agencies need to adapt or die. Yes, it's 2005 all over again.

First the writer of the piece sets the tone by combing LinkedIn for every marketing cliché he could gather and smashing them together into a sentence:
"They must manage marketing across devices and serve customized ads to specific audiences based on real-time analysis of constantly changing data. That data must inform creative, CRM and media buying strategies tied to new commerce and brand experiences."
Yeah, we'll get right on that.

Then the parade of experts show up with their absurd comments and dreadful, trite nonsense.
"We're looking for a higher degree of consolidation to make integration and interdependence more effective,"
Yeah, that's what the agency business needs, more consolidation. Martin Sorrell and his financial wise guy clones haven't f*cked it up ENOUGH. We need MORE consolidation. Is it possible that someone could be this abysmally stupid and actually believe this?


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