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Continue Holiday Savings Through the Holidays with WishAlerts
By: Jessica N. Abraham-Hogan
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There’s no better time for shopping than the holiday season. But right after the holidays, sales are “sleeping in heavenly peace” as they decide to return to the same overpriced mess that they were before Halloween. Most prices will remain peaked until an all-clearance event or the next year’s Black Friday sales. Say no more! We got this!

To help you through your year, WishAlerts released the birth of a new savior. This one will save your wallets and continue holiday savings through the new year. This is a first for “interactive commerce,” as it connects mobile shoppers with merchants, and cuts out “the middle man.”

Granting “wishes,” merchants will be able lower prices for immediate sales of goods per demand of nearby shoppers and via mobile connection. Saving on costs and expenses associated with marketing and in competition with “the big guys,” local businesses will receive the support they deserve in remaining a number one favorite to local and surrounding communities.

Centralizing deals without the need of multiple apps and access to a plethora of websites with random interests, merchants will now have a new way to leverage local support. This will not only cut costs by saving time, but advertising costs will drop, as the need to print unused coupons will be diminished increasingly. Through the WishAlerts platform, businesses and consumers are better matched, based on demand and interest, while encouraging sales and allow them to keep in the statewide markets.

Because this app is interactive, consumers will be connecting with merchants directly. It acts, in some cases, as a first point of contact and allows businesses to introduce their goods and services to offer something special to each and every consumer. One thing big business is lacking it exactly what local merchants can offer — personalized experiences, genuine relationships, and amazing offers.

As users enter their wishes into the system, they are routed to nearby merchants, who will then supply a bid that “grants a wish” for that user, creating an “instant offer” to the consumer. Sales may then take place within the app itself, ensuring an instant sale that converts right then and there.

With a built in CRM (customer relationship management) system, the app acts as an interactive contact center, providing additional marketing features, promotional items, and social media points of contact — further connecting merchants with consumers. Additionally, users may follow favorite local retailers to receive alerts of exclusive offers.

Predicted to increase by 30% from 2015 to 2017, mobile transactions are becoming increasingly the “norm,” as global sales reflect a trend of “buy it now” ideology. The market is further predicted to exceed $75B in revenue by 2017. Any business leveraging the power of mobile will be sure to see growth and success through early positioning in the mobile commerce space.


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About the Author
Jessica N. Abraham-Hogan is the owner of Shorty Produkshins and an Internet Marketing professional, specializing in Social Branding and Public Relations. She has been a part of multiple International projects in both Entertainment Business and Professional Services industries. She often works with major marketing firms and job search sites under NDA in lending valuable insight to clientele, whether it includes hands-on project development or the crafting of a roadmap for a brand's awareness strategy. Find her online here. @sp_brand_social @sp_brand_social
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