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Nick Offerman, Drizzy, and the Future of Millennial Advertising
By: Cameron Kirkwood
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Christmas came early, folks. Imagine my delight — an ad so good, so justly targeted, so elegantly executed, that it easily crossed the threshold all advertising aspires to bridge. Advertising so blatantly obvious…but you just didn’t care.

Parks and Rec fans rejoice. Earlier December, it trended across all social channels that Nick Offerman starred in an experiential promotion for whiskey. Naked babes? Big explosions and a dancing monkey? Four Irish dudes attending a funeral? Nope. Just a man sitting in an armchair sipping occasional sips of whiskey and staring into the camera for 45 minutes.

In a modern world of overused celebrity endorsements strapped to any old commercial for white teeth, interchangeable branding between the concept and the talent comes as a fresh breath. (See what I did there?)

And boy, does he ever fit the part. You don’t even have to be a fan of the show to know that this man is what a personified glass of whiskey would be if the blue fairy brought it to life.

Not only is he a raw manly man of pure mustache, Ron Swanson is someone I refer to as “Internet famous.” AKA the best kind of famous for anything shy of Gen Y. You want to target a young demographic? Catch the appeal of the Reddit dwellers. If it’s memeable, it’s millennial.

Take some tips from Drake. He indirectly promoted sex hotlines better than your post-makeup-room pore cleansers ever did. I’ve already been over this, haven’t I? I truly hate those.

Simply put, make your brand and your talent one and the same and all the while inviting enough to persuade the young millennial to click through to your link amidst the other trendy fodder on the average Facebook stroll.
Maybe you’ll even get a “share.”

If you would like to see Nick Offerman in all his glory, selling me whiskey better than Trump sold me into never voting for him, check out the link here.

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Cameron Kirkwood is a recent graduate, but a forever student of advertising. An aspiring brand strategist and digital aficionado, Cameron seeks to change the game through new and different channels of advertising in an ever extensively growing industry.
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