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IK Multimedia Releases Riff Maestro: A New Way to Learn the Guitar
By: Jessica N. Abraham-Hogan
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Known for its line of ProTools plugins and modulators, IK Multimedia has built a major name for itself by offering digital the sound of analog, allowing realistic customization of MIDI and even giving a new sound to basic audio loops. Thanks to IK Multimedia, many musicians around the world have gotten away with being “the one-man band” or have been made to sound better through IK Multimedia’s product and service lines. Now, IK Multimedia brings to you “a guitar teacher in your pocket.”

Yesterday, they unveiled their Riff Maestro app for both iPhone and Android. A free app, this is more than just a guitar lesson by mobile device. Oh, no. This is way more than that — and way cooler, too!

What makes Riff Maestro so different from on-demand tutorials and interactive music instructors is that you have convenience to learn and practice anywhere and at any time. On top of this, what really sets Riff Maestro apart from the rest is that it teaches you based on music you already know…music already in your sound library! This cool little app actually analyzes your music and teaches you how to play it!

Instead of learning music that you may be unfamiliar with or that you like, as opposed to what you love, you will be able to learn music that you know inside and out, giving leverage in learning to play the guitar quickly. This form of learning takes the known and rewires your brain and movement to correspond with what you are feeling. Learning from emotion, as opposed to just what you are hearing, allows you to learn through that emotion and tune out the logic that keeps you from naturally adopting this new talent. This is a right-brain thing; why involve the left side? It will take longer and make you sound robotic!

In essence, you are submerging yourself into the music and tricking your brain into quickly embracing your inner superstar!

In addition to Riff Maestro’s game-changing lesson plan, users can customize their play. Useful features allow for users to change the tempo, pitch, and even chord. They will be able to correlate these changes in sound to their in-play learning experience through the mobile platform.

With options to learn riffs, licks, and full songs, audio waveforms give the user a custom environment to select exactly which part of the song they want to learn. Each song will be mapped out by chord and given full customization through chord changes and shifts. This is what makes it such a powerful learning tool.

Whether you are a music enthusiast who would like to learn a new instrument, a rock star in the making, or even a producer trying to break down a certain section of a song for recreation, you will now be able to do so from any location and with any learning material. IK Multimedia has such a long track record of product and service success; it’s interesting seeing them cross over into the mobile realm in this way.

Some of us can’t wait to see what the future brings for IK Multimedia. We might not know what they have up their sleeve for the next generation of musicians. We do know that it sure is promising!


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Jessica N. Abraham-Hogan is the owner of Shorty Produkshins and an Internet Marketing professional, specializing in Social Branding and Public Relations. She has been a part of multiple International projects in both Entertainment Business and Professional Services industries. She often works with major marketing firms and job search sites under NDA in lending valuable insight to clientele, whether it includes hands-on project development or the crafting of a roadmap for a brand's awareness strategy. Find her online here. @sp_brand_social @sp_brand_social
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