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Robocast: Automating Social Like Never Before!
By: Jessica N. Abraham-Hogan
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Robocast launched a media player last April that allows users to “auto-browse social media links, including Twitter and Instagram Feeds, Searches, Hashtags and more.” Yesterday, Dec. 2, Robocast, Inc. released a major update to their Robocast Social player, continuing social play with just one click…and now a few new features. Robocast, Inc. has the power to shift “social” in the conference-room environment, before the press, and through the imagination of its users. In fact, this could be a new shift in brand promotion and social media releases.

Robocast has the ability to play Twitter and Instagram posts paired with adjacent websites of interest. When clicking on a hashtag or username, Robocast automatically plays a social playlist of these posts and opens related social media attached to them. Twitter and Instagram are now integrated fully into Robocast’s social playlist. While users are no longer required to log on to interact with the social multimedia playlist, those who do will be able to access personalized feeds that allow commenting, messaging, and following of other users. In previous versions, this was not so much the case.

"The goal has always been to make digital media use easier and more powerful, through familiar controls. Some of us have worked on this project for over 20 years now, and we are so glad that it is proving to be useful in so many ways to many people. We look forward to sharing stories about how others are using Robocast," announces CEO, Damon C. Torres. Implementing the best of all the top social networking sites into a scalable, automated playlist, including reddit’s subreddit threads, users simply click once to view images back to back, without the need to return to the previous page for more clicking. With Robocast, “users can see hundreds of posts with a single click at any pace.”

Robocast can be used on all devices and in any browser; however, it is recommended that you use Google’s Chrome due to compatibility across platforms. Robocast is thus made available on SmartTvs and video players, such as Roku or Chromecast. Hands-free web browsing and presentations are now available — without the need to download anything — ever!

Click here to check out Robocast Social’s DigitalPivot playlist.


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About the Author
Jessica N. Abraham-Hogan is the owner of Shorty Produkshins and an Internet Marketing professional, specializing in Social Branding and Public Relations. She has been a part of multiple International projects in both Entertainment Business and Professional Services industries. She often works with major marketing firms and job search sites under NDA in lending valuable insight to clientele, whether it includes hands-on project development or the crafting of a roadmap for a brand's awareness strategy. Find her online here. @sp_brand_social @sp_brand_social
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