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Facebook Announces Major Design Changes
By: Jessica N. Abraham-Hogan
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Stay tuned. Facebook is getting a major facelift, and we will start seeing some of those changes within the next few weeks.

According to Wednesday's public announcement on Facebook’s blog-style newsroom, Facebook is changing the way that we currently view Facebook pages…especially on a mobile device. With a claim that Facebook profile pages are accessed over four billion times daily, it’s no wonder that they would want to keep their users engaged and open to new experiences. They realized that accessing a standard Facebook page has led to a very limited encounter and not-so-intimate experience. Fed up, they went back to the drawing boards.

That said, we have a lot to look forward to in the near future.

One of the most talked-about features that many enthusiasts just cannot wait to explore is the new profile picture. Not only will this now be centered and appear much larger on the profile page, but it will also give options to be time-stamped or animated. Animated photos are actually seven-second video uploads that give life to looping gif-type profile elements and allow us to truly depict ourselves through media discovery. Time-delayed photos will allow users to upload photos that showcase our current moods, activities, and support of a specific cause. The attached time will equate to a timer and will immediately revert back to the most recent profile media, whether you are online or not.

Introducing people the right way, they are implementing the “show friendship option” directly on each profile by presenting highlights of mutual friendships and including photos and stories that will help new friends make the connection. This could get a little crazy if ever a girlfriend or boyfriend discover previous lovers through the mutual friend tool. So, you can choose to hide this option from your page.

Facebook is rolling out new features to hand-selected iPhone users in the United Kingdom and select parts of California, so the rest of the world must hold tight and wait for their turn to enjoy these new Facebook elements. In addition to these features, Facebook will be restructuring the mobile page itself. Profile photos will now be “front row and center” within each mobile page. One-line bio fields, about sections, and Facebook’s original five-photo feature will visually tell the world exactly who you are the first time.

While there has been no specific time frame announced during which Facebook will implement these changes, it doesn’t hurt to start getting company deliverables in order. Early adoption can lead to your brands being seen early in the shift and provide you with increased influence within online communities.


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Jessica N. Abraham-Hogan is the owner of Shorty Produkshins and an Internet Marketing professional, specializing in Social Branding and Public Relations. She has been a part of multiple International projects in both Entertainment Business and Professional Services industries. She often works with major marketing firms and job search sites under NDA in lending valuable insight to clientele, whether it includes hands-on project development or the crafting of a roadmap for a brand's awareness strategy. Find her online here. @sp_brand_social @sp_brand_social
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