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Native Advertising: The Way to a Mobile Snacker's Heart
By: Shivani Sinha
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In the dynamic world of marketing, advertisers must learn to adapt to new technology and stay up-to-date with the consumer and their unique and individual needs. Mobile advertising on touch-screen phones is perhaps the most effective way to reach audiences today, specifically Millennials.

Have you ever heard of mobile "snacking?" It's what you do when you're absorbing small pieces of content at a time, such as skimming headline news right before you get up from bed to start the workday or scrolling through your feed on Facebook five minutes before a meeting begins. Advertisers are trying to take advantage of this window of time to reach you through creative and personalized advertisements. So what’s the best solution? Native advertising.

Have you ever found yourself scrolling through a website, perusing articles, and clicking one that piqued your interest, only to notice the small print on the bottom of the screen displaying the name of the brand that sponsored the article you were just enjoying? If it’s a really successful advertisement, you probably never even realized it was a sponsored ad in the first place.

These barely distinguishable advertisements from web content are called native advertisements. They’re non-traditional in the sense that there isn’t an overpowering message inundating your screen trying to sell you something. Chances are, you're more likely to click an advertisement disguised as an article on BuzzFeed than you are a blinking banner ad that can often be distracting and frustrating when you’re trying to navigate through a website to read its content. In fact, a survey in the UK found that 57% of Millennials are actually okay with sponsored articles when it comes to native ad content.

So what can advertisers learn from this information? People want to read fun and interesting content regardless of the source, even if it is a paid-for sponsored advertisement.

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About the Author
Shivani Sinha is a Georgia State University alumni. She currently works at an agency in media buying and has a passion for digital media.
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