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Business Opportunities Are Everywhere
By: Mona Sabbah
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We all know how to sell, advertise, and promote through social media, marketing, and networking channels, but it turns out that wearing a good pair of sunglasses can be your ticket to new business. Case in point: This morning I was waiting in line at my favorite Starbucks when a woman complimented my black-and-white, cat-eye sunglasses. We started talking, and within minutes we exchanged business cards. It turns out she designs swimming pools and needs a website, search engine optimization, and copywriting.

This is not the first time this has happened to me, and I’m not talking about the business-card exchange that leads to absolutely nowhere. I’ve met many businessmen and women with successful companies, budgets, and marketing research all looking for help in my neighborhood Jiffy Lube, the doctor’s office, and even at the hairdressers. Even when businesses are not Fortune 500 ones, these private companies employ anywhere from 5 to 300 people. There are plans in place, goals to achieve, and, most importantly, money to hire people like me and you.

As creatives, we spend so much time online updating our statuses and building our own personal brands that we forget the power of simply being present. If I was busy responding to a LinkedIn invite on my smartphone, I would’ve missed out on this opportunity. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to be different as well, which creatives are masters at.

So wear a great pair of shoes if that’s your thing. Sport a one-of-a-kind watch or have an interesting haircut. You never know when the next opportunity will pop up!

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About the Author
Mona Sabbah is a Senior Copywriter/Creative Director with over 12 years of experience writing for print, TV, radio, and online. Mona has worked on a number of accounts from The Florida Lottery to Air Canada and Keiser University. You can see some of her work at http://www.miamicopywriter.com/. Find her on Twitter at @miamicopywriter.
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