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Out With the Old...Or Maybe Not?
By: Shivani Sinha
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“Print is dying.” “Television is dying.” “The future of media is in [insert whatever the newest form of media is.]”

Ever heard something to that effect before? When you work in media, chances are that you have. Don’t get me wrong. With every new form of emerging media, it is impossible for older media to remain unchanged. But perhaps instead of taking a doomsday approach, we can learn to reframe our way of thinking.

I work in broadcast media, and the constant fear is that people do not watch live TV anymore. Viewership is decreasing from what it was a decade ago, and with the availability of streaming outlets, the assumption is that broadcast is dying. What if it’s just evolving instead?

What’s interesting is that digital media isn’t taking away from broadcast; in some ways, it’s actually enhancing it. Streaming services like Hulu and Netflix allow people to binge watch shows that have already been on the air for multiple seasons, which in turn promotes live viewership when the new season begins on its regular broadcast channel. Social media such as Twitter encourages live tweeting during new episodes of any given series and, as a result, there is a positive correlation between Twitter and television ratings.

Maybe with this information, we can start focusing more on creating an effective cross-platform strategy instead of taking either a resistant approach, or, on the opposite end of the spectrum, an “out with the old, in with the new” approach.

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About the Author
Shivani Sinha is a Georgia State University alumni. She currently works at an agency in media buying and has a passion for digital media.
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