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Dun-Dun DaDa: The Secret to Marketing a Mission
By: Briskman Stanfield
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Sometimes the best form of advertising (as this copywriter winces) comes without words. It’s called Hollywood product placement. Should a brand choose to accept this type of mission, the benefits will return tenfold in market engagement from a plethora of diverse advertising.


Would you believe that 19 years ago Apple had its first tie-in campaign with M:I films? Today, product placement has become such a strong marketing tool with the M:I films that it continues to flourish with each sequel with repeated brands as well new brands that are either mentioned or appear on screen.

And while Apple products are currently missing from the new M:I Rogue Nation, replaced by Nokia and Windows, BMW is back on the big screen with va-va-va-vroom!

Only this time, BMW is featured throughout the film’s entirety with market-available vehicles, as opposed to concept.

As usual, heat fills the screen, and you could say that beautiful Swedish actress Rebecca Ferguson has tough competition sharing the screen with the gorgeous BMW models, especially the stunning new 7 series, which makes its debut in this $150 million movie, or that super model BMW S1000RR motorbike!
Yet the BMW mission does not stop at playing supporting vehicle roles. They keep worldwide interest alive with the “Mission to Drive” action-packed marketing theme linked via television, radio, and digital spots. 
Indeed, M:I is proof that in the end, big-budget movies can say "mission accomplished" for providing top exposure to recognizable high-end products and brands including Airbus A400, Tissot, Samsung, LGR sunglasses, and the Vienna State Opera House. Brands can be cleverly intertwined in a film with products that will be mindfully retained long after the credits roll. In fact, the only piece missing is the ability to order your faves at the self-serve snack bar! Who knows? Such marketing ploys may be in the works for future coming attractions.
P.S. And while “I can neither confirm nor deny,” I swear Ilsa’s "go-go gadget" lipstick in a classic silver-ridged case was by none other than...Dun-Dun DaDa...Clinique!

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Briskman Stanfield is a freelance copywriter and all-around, behind-the-scenes team player.

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