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No High Like an Ad High
By: Cameron Kirkwood
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This past January, I had the pleasure of attending FFWD Next Generation Day in Toronto, Canada. The event hosted all kind of exciting booths, activities, and speakers from all over the industry. However what I want to talk about today is one topic that was mentioned and lasted no longer than two minutes, but in my opinion, spoke louder than anything else.

During the panel of the senior industry professionals, (15 years and up) one of the members had let out that advertising gives off a certain high of sorts. She started getting lost in a bit of a tangent about it–talking about winning a client or working tirelessly towards finishing a campaign. “Not drugs high I mean, it’s a different kind of high” she exclaimed. A bit nervous that she had just used that specific turn of phrase to a crowd full of young to mid twenty year old students and post-grads.

Yet, I saw the rest of the panel perk up. Yes it was funny, but it was also sentimental to the five people sitting there who spent their entire lives dedicated to that high. The other members started pitching in, agreeing wholeheartedly with what she was saying. 

As they continued on, I felt myself lighting up. Every word they uttered spoke to me in such a warm way. I looked around me and saw some of my neighbours with half expressionless faces. Eyebrows furled, some smiling ever so slight. “They made a high joke hohoho” I thought must be what’s going through their heads — but every few seats, I would see one person perked up, eyes glowing so bright that it pierced right through the darkness. 
I looked right to one of my colleagues sitting next to me and then down a couple rows to the rest of them. It’s as if every one of us we’re left in a trance. It was like we were rediscovering the passion we already held. 
I shot my hand into the air. Unfortunately there was no allotted time for questions for the panel due to lack of time. Where my question was not addressed, I’ll write out exactly what I had planned to say on here. 

“This advertising high you spoke of — I connected to it right away. I’m sure almost every person in here felt the emotional bond to what you’re saying. I’ve felt that high countless times. From pitches to a client’s acknowledgement. From pulling two straight all-nighters in a row dedicated to finishing a campaign. You’re in the heart of the industry, in Toronto, working global campaigns — where that rush is your everyday life. What I want to know is where does it go from here? Tell me how much more amazing this high gets. I’ve only just felt its buzz. So, where does it go from here?”

Upset that I hadn’t had the chance to have my question answered, I realized something. Maybe I wasn’t meant to have it answered? The question is laid out, and it will always stay with me throughout my entire career; however, this question is only best answered for myself. The lack of an answer only increased that incredible drive to make it. To feel that high everyday for myself, and to share it with other industry professionals who crave it as much as I do. Only then will I have my question answered. And when I do, just like my predecessors before me, I’ll keep my mouth shut and let the future juniors of the industry discover it for themselves. 

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About the Author
Cameron Kirkwood is a recent graduate, but a forever student of advertising. An aspiring brand strategist and digital aficionado, Cameron seeks to change the game through new and different channels of advertising in an ever extensively growing industry.
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