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The Hardships of Being an Advertiser and Seeing from the Outside
By: Cameron Kirkwood
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A group discussion was brought up about discriminating a brand on the simple factor that they don’t own a website .  That’s like saying that since the electric socket on the wall is crooked, I wouldn’t dare plug anything into it.

But is that something that the average consumer truly bothers to take into account? 

A few weeks ago I was doing a tour for a group of renowned engineers across the world. As a consensual group, they informed me that the incompetence of an engineer shines if you don’t install the wall socket perfectly straight.

I don’t know about you, but I personally don’t kneel over and analyze each individual socket in my house. I can tell you straight up, however, that my OCD runs wild while working on any form of design or copy.

I find it humorous how much detail (although necessary) goes into creating a simple print ad. To us, making sure every bit of typography is aligned, that the picture envelops perfect contrast  —  it’s a creative necessity by creative people that only creatives would notice; however, hours are still spent fine-tuning the smallest bits. All for a mere page that will be looked at by the average consumer for less than 10 seconds.

Ever go so crazy reviewing the same work that you completely forget its original purpose? This is where it becomes both extremely tricky, yet crucial, to attempt to look at it from the outside.

The same thing goes for strategizing, coordinating, developing, and anything else that fits under advertising's diverse roof. When working, it can be so easy to veer off on a path of delusional perfectionism in one's own mind. So take a step back. Breathe. (Very important.) Look at it from the outside, and ask yourself: Have I lost my grasp of the purpose, the point?

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About the Author
Cameron Kirkwood is a recent graduate, but a forever student of advertising. An aspiring brand strategist and digital aficionado, Cameron seeks to change the game through new and different channels of advertising in an ever extensively growing industry.
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