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Stress Less, Advertise More
By: Mona Sabbah
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Advertising can be stressful, but of course you already knew that. Besides long hours, traveling, and looming deadlines, creatives are always on the hunt for the next big idea. From an interesting insight to a dramatic headline to an intriguing visual, we're continuously searching, thinking, and, well…stressing.

When your day-to-day revolves around so much thinking, it’s no wonder most creatives are a well-balanced mix of anxiety, curiosity, and nervousness. If bubble baths, kickboxing, or yoga aren't for you, here’s a list of other ways to unwind and appease these nerves:
  1. Guided imagery can help you de-stress. My favorite is the beach walk kind, where I listen as a soft voice accompanies me along sandy shores, sun-kissed ocean waves, and peacefulness.
  2. Pick up a hobby that’s different and not just an extension of your work, like drawing or photography. Try something like archery or jewelry-making.
  3. Grounding is something I just learned about. Getting in touch with nature, walking on wet grass, or even a trip over wet pavement brings favorable electro-physiological changes in our bodies for better health.
  4. Step away from your computer screen, even if you have a deadline. I choose to write old school — sharpened pencil and notebook — when I’m feeling stressed out. I find that feeling the actual writing helps calm me down.
  5. Silly Putty works wonders. You can stretch it, make bubbles, and pop it. It’s a great break and lets you get the tension out while you’re working it. Bubble roll (that packing material) works the same way.
If stress levels are at an ultimate high, and you’re feeling overwhelmed, consider a nap. For an hour or two, you can do nothing at all. Sometimes that’s the most productive thing you can do.

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About the Author
Mona Sabbah is a Senior Copywriter/Creative Director with over 12 years of experience writing for print, TV, radio, and online. Mona has worked on a number of accounts from The Florida Lottery to Air Canada and Keiser University. You can see some of her work at http://www.miamicopywriter.com/. Find her on Twitter at @miamicopywriter.
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