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Advertisers Get New 'In' with Snapchat's 'Discover'
By: Ric Corns
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Snapchat has released a new tool for advertisers to take advantage of, titled “Discover.” This new feature allows for a section of the Snapchat app to be used for companies to present videos produced by leading news, sports, and entertainment outlets. A YouTube video explaining the new feature of the app highlights multiple companies, namely ESPN, VICE, Comedy Central, and National Geographic.
Advertisers would then be able to integrate ads within these videos, enabling a new way to reach Snapchat users, and produce more revenue for Snapchat as well. Companies posting content would also receive a share of the advertising revenues as well.
With the introduction of Discover, Snapchat is continuing to find inventive and innovative ways to increase their revenue streams and keep users engaged with their app. One of the struggles with social media advertising has been creating greater interaction between users and advertisers without alienating users and sending them fleeing to a rival social network. It seems that Snapchat has found an effective way of eliminating that issue entirely. What will be interesting to see going forward is how other social media companies respond to Snapchat’s new feature. 

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Ric Corns is a currently a Graduate Student in Integrated Marketing Communications at Roosevelt University. He enjoys photography, film, blogging (Of course!) and lots of coffee when not in class.
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