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Putting a New Spin on Skip
By: Ric Corns
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Direct Marketing news has a fascinating post about a new way for users to interact with video advertisements.
Instead of simply clicking the ‘Skip Ad’ button, as most of us are accustomed to, PK4 Media is proposing an alternative solution: the user drags the brand message to a section of the video player, to be viewed after the user has viewed their content.
Says PK4’s CEO Tom Alexander, "Online video ads are skipped more than half of the time according to a study by Adroit Digital. By using this interactive method, brand advertisers are able to engage consumers prone to skipping.” Alexander further states that “we find that this method increases brand favorability by 57%.”
There is definitely intriguing potential with the physical interaction of a user with an ad, as the user would be given greater incentive to move the message around, possibly creating a far greater impression on the user versus the current ‘Skip Ad’ button. However, one wonders if the user will continue to stick around AFTER their content has been seen, or move onto another video. If the user can move the advertising to the end of the video, what incentive is there to advertisers if the user delays the ad, and simply exits the web page once they’ve finished viewing their content? Perhaps any impression is better than no impression.

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Ric Corns is a currently a Graduate Student in Integrated Marketing Communications at Roosevelt University. He enjoys photography, film, blogging (Of course!) and lots of coffee when not in class.
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