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Wix of the Trade
By: Briskman Stanfield
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Is it real or fake? Sometimes ads can fool the sharpest minds, especially during Super (let the juices overflow) Bowl Sunday.

One campaign spoof currently running is so convincing from ad teasers and social media hype that it is receiving genuine product-partnering offers! Not so ridiculous after learning the tongue-in-cheek premise was created for five celebrated former NFL players who connect six degrees to their shams!
Bottom line: When the story is based on legendary sports history, fans often want to believe...anything. 
In this case, entertaining ideas are the results of enhanced memorable athletic moments: Hall of Fame Steeler running back Franco Harris owns a wedding planning company called "Immaculate Receptions," Brett Favre operates charcuterie "Favre & Carve," Terrell Owens sells Humble Pies, and Larry Allen runs "All Pro Tow" (which tows with his own body weight).  
DWTS fans won’t want to miss the amusing antics of smooth moving, mirrorball trophy winner Emmitt Smith as he line dances at his (uh-hmm) "Texas Double Deuce Nightclub!"  
Who’s behind the shenanigans? The company is called Wix, but funny business isn’t their only game. Wix is a web development platform operator helping businesses make websites, obviously proving their uncanny skills by designing fake ones.
Perhaps Wix should tweak the third letter of their name from an "x" to a "t," because "Wit" is obviously what it takes to get super results for the priciest 4.5 million dollar per 30 seconds of viewership during Super Bowl Day. Believe it!

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Briskman Stanfield is a freelance copywriter and all-around, behind-the-scenes team player.

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