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Sugar Facts Clearly Stated
By: Briskman Stanfield
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Three Musketeers, Hershey’s, and Twizzlers, oh my! In these healthful times, it’s not politically correct to admit to loving sugar. Yet it does make for sensational advertising once unwrapped.

A brim-filled candy (store) drawer was the delicious norm at my childhood address. Eventually, a better lifestyle proved candy was not part of the food pyramid, nor did such a system exist in the average family’s dining room buffet drawer.
But many people have a crush on candy. It’s even the name of a Facebook game. President Reagan had an acceptable Goelitz jelly bean addiction that was not only embraced, it became an advertising boost to all jelly bean brands, including the creation of Goelitz’s Jelly Belly. And while President Reagan kept his red, white, and blues in a jar (with the Presidential seal) rather than a drawer, an official real-time candy drawer does exist in other political circles, namely the Senate. To make this perfectly clear, it’s in a desk, not a buffet,
Apparently, this standard tradition began in 1965 when Sen. George Murphy, R – Calif, began keeping a supply of candy in his desk to share with colleagues (including rivals) and has continued ever since.
This sweet position is bestowed upon the “occupier of the desk closest to the highly trafficked chamber entrance.” Today’s lucky winner, taking over from Mark Kirk, R – Ill, who was all about the Jelly Beans, Snickers, Lemonheads, gummy bears, and Hubba Bubba bubblegum (imagine the sound of popping bubbles during a heated session) is Pennsylvania Republican Pat Toomey. 
The most interesting part is that the candymakers from the Senators’ home states provide the supply. Talk about product placement! What a built-in and very fortunate advertising system that will most likely showcase the generous nature from approximately 210 Pennsylvania candymakers vying to get their product proudly caught in the candy drawer.

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Briskman Stanfield is a freelance copywriter and all-around, behind-the-scenes team player.

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