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Choice Names Hit The Spot
By: Briskman Stanfield
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The only thrill better than seeing your name in lights is seeing your name in print. In fact, there’s nothing more...refreshing! Exactly the point Coke had in mind in their "Share a Coke" summer campaign. Did yours make the 250-person popular cut?

Before going cooler-diving through the Coke bin, there’s a simpler way to find out. Go to shareacoke.com and type your name on the bottle. How clever is this? And no parental blame needed if your name is missing; just check out the USA Coke tour, where Coke will create one for you on the spot.
In the last campaign, Coke created social interaction with college freshmen with the "Friendly Twist" bottles, which required two people. Personalization that replaces the iconic drink’s name is currently trending. Fans not only get their VIP on, but also are cleverly motivated to segue to the next up-front-and-personal level, from sharing virtual greetings to being featured online and billboards. In addition to the promotional plan, these names are popping up all over social media sites as the latest brag.
Coke's brand definitely keeps morphing into more unique ways to advertise through "sharing" their clever concepts that are all fun and games. And they certainly are on the right track — we have a new "share" economy that we've evolved, from rides (Uber, Lyft) to rooms (Airbnb).
This is the type of campaign that creates full circle engagement, because nothing stirs people’s ego-pots more than the sight of their own loving name, no matter how many others they share it with. The fact is, when it’s your own, it radiates "special," like a birthday. As a result, these personalized bottles are quickly disappearing from the shelves.
Coke IS the one! They know how to make their brand stay on the lips, and with Diet or Zero, not on the hips.

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Briskman Stanfield is a freelance copywriter and all-around, behind-the-scenes team player.

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