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How To Give Dad His June 15 Minutes
By: Briskman Stanfield
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Ideally, Father’s Day should be the “yang” to Mother’s Day “yin.” However new (troublemaking?) survey findings claim FD trails behind Mother’s Day, shifting the OMG! parental scales. True, Mother’s Day is one decade ahead with earning extra cred on the calendar, but despite all trivial reasons, the real fact remains that people spend, spend, spend 75% more $$$$$ honoring Mom.  

Since the profits aren’t worth the return on huge advertising investments, Father’s Day is a softer sell. Yes, it gets less…hoopla, but Father’s Day is NEVER forgotten, especially in advertising.
This year, in honor of Father’s Day, American Greetings has branched out from their original #World’s Toughest Job marketing campaign released in April for (ahem) Mother’s Day. Making the holiday score more fair and square, this clever interpretation certainly shines a heartfelt light on dear old/young Dad.
In unscripted moments called “Dad Casting,” actors improvised scenes for the “role of Dad,” totally unaware of why or who for. The results are touching vignettes juxtaposed with endearing copy. Yet it’s not long before they throw out the social media invite to post, tweet, tag, and most importantly remind viewers to get Dad a card from the American Greetings cardstore.
These days, cards have become such artistically novel works of art with jaw-dropping, back-page sticker shock that many people consider the card a gift in itself, which is not far from the truth. In reality, the gift is in the ever-loving time devoted simply in finding THE card for that special person. 
In this case, they’re cards that not only say, “You’re The Man!” but have the magic to connect shared emotions, just as American Greetings has accomplished in their five-thumbs-up commercial.

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