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And the Beat Goes On: Living in the U.S.A.
By: Brian Keller
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Every year we celebrate a number of holidays unique to our country. And, to make things better for our populace, advertising agencies and advertisers help us celebrate by courageously cutting prices so we can be more content, fulfilled, and happy.

This article is late. Memorial Day is over, but the savings keep coming under the Memorial Day banner. We don’t think Memorial Day ends until the first Fourth of July sale, so we decided to get on with our Memorial Day article, which is finding out what Memorial Day memorializes. 
“Memorial Day weekend means great Memorial Day sales. You won't want to miss Walmart's Memorial Day event, featuring fantastic savings on the products you want most.”
How cool is that? Thanks, Walmart. We think Walmart memorializes fantastic savings. 
Advertisers and ad agencies also know we live in a mobile world, so to celebrate Memorial Day: “Home Depot Constructs Unique Memorial Day Campaign with Millennial Media’s Mobile Circular Ad Unit.*”
Good idea, Home Depot. We think Home Depot memorializes mobile circulars so we can get them on our way to memorials of something. 
Running the day previous to Memorial Day and on Memorial Day, ads for Macy’s were the first: “To combine Yahoo’s rich pullover format with PointRoll’s store circular format. Yahoo and PointRoll have worked together for about a decade, but a new Macy’s Memorial Day campaign represents a first for both online ad vets. The expandable, interactive ads are targeted to female Yahoo Mail users.”
And then Macy’s doubled down with TV: “Macy’s Memorial Day Mattress Sale: Sertapedic Firm $279 after 10% off reg. $689 The Magic of Macy’s.”
We think rich pullover, sleeping well and inexpensively, magic and moms is what Memorial Day memorializes for Macy’s.
If you needed to memorialize Memorial Day on your way to any number of celebrations you visited Cuckoo for Coupons, among other online coupon sites, for blockbuster Memorial Day savings.
We think Cuckoo for Coupons memorializes Memorial Day by passing along “blockbuster” savings to you and being Cuckoo about it.
Some retailers didn’t memorialize Memorial Day, so they took the high road. Best Buy just wanted to: “Kick off Summer with Big Savings.” They didn’t mention Memorial Day because summer trumps Memorial Day. When did summer start?
Kohl’s forgot the day. “Kohl’s Memorial Day Sale 50% off Specials Sunday May 25th.”  We hope you didn’t buy anything not special.
We think Kohl’s memorializes Memorial Day by being special.
Honda and Toyota had events. People don’t have an event for just any reason. We called and asked if there were any bar mitzvahs, weddings, or graduations in the Toyota and Honda families that would have them offer 0% interest and no money down. No one would answer us.
We think that Honda and Toyota memorialize Memorial Day by honoring well-qualified lessees.
Lowe’s and Home Depot gave us an idea that Memorial Day may have something to do with “vets" and gave them 10% off. We thought that was great, and any of these “vets” could just go to Guardianofvalor.com/lowes-and-home-depot-military-and-veteran-discounts-explained/ for a multi-page explanation of the 10% off benefit. What are "vets"? No one really mentions them.
We were left with few clues about what is memorialized on Memorial Day. We called the United States Government. They directed us to the chart.


American Revolution
Total service members 217,000
Battle deaths 4,435
Nonmortal woundings 6,188
War of 1812
Total service members 286,730
Battle deaths 2,260
Nonmortal woundings 4,505
Indian Wars
Total service members 106,0001
Battle deaths 1,0001
Mexican War  
Total service members 78,718
Battle deaths 1,733
Other deaths in service (nontheater) 11,550
Nonmortal woundings 4,152
Civil War  
Total service members (Union) 2,213,363
Battle deaths (Union) 140,414
Other deaths in service (nontheater) (Union) 224,097
Nonmortal woundings (Union) 281,881
Total service members (Conf.) 1,050,000
Battle deaths (Conf.) 74,524
Other deaths in service (nontheater) (Conf.) 59,2972
Nonmortal woundings (Conf.) Unknown
Spanish-American War  
Total service members 306,760
Battle deaths 385
Other deaths in service (nontheater) 2,061
Nonmortal woundings 1,662
World War I
Total service members 4,734,991
Battle deaths 53,402
Other deaths in service (nontheater) 63,114
Nonmortal woundings 204,002
Living veterans 0
World War II
Total service members 16,112,566
Battle deaths 291,557
Other deaths in service (nontheater) 113,842
Nonmortal woundings 671,846
Living veterans 1,711,0001
Korean War
Total service members 5,720,000
Serving in-theater 1,789,000
Battle deaths 33,739
Other deaths in service (theater) 2,835
Other deaths in service (nontheater) 17,672
Nonmortal woundings 103,284
Living veterans 2,275,000
Vietnam War
Total servicemembers 8,744,000
Serving in-theater 3,403,000
Battle deaths 47,434
Other deaths in service 10,786
Other deaths in service 32,000
Nonmortal woundings 153,303
Living veterans 7,391,0001,6
Gulf War
Total service members 2,322,000
Serving in-theater 694,550
Battle deaths 148
Other deaths in service 235
Other deaths in service 1,565
Nonmortal woundings 467
Living veterans 2,244,5831,6
America's Wars Total (1775–1991)
Military service during war 41,892,128
Battle deaths 651,031
Other deaths in service (theater) 308,800
Other deaths in service (nontheater) 230,254
Nonmortal woundings 1,430,290
Living war veterans 16,962,0004
Living veterans 23,234,000
Global War on Terror 
Total Service members (Worldwide) (as of Sept. 2011) 1,468,364
Deployed to Iraq (Operation New Dawn) (as of Dec. 31, 2011) 0
Deployed to Afghanistan (Operation Enduring Freedom) (as of June 2011) 45,000
Battle Deaths 5,078
Other Deaths (In Theater) 1,378
Non-mortal Woundings 48,104
Battle Deaths   2003–2012 4,486 
Battle Deaths  2001–20014 2,322

We think it’s great that Memorial Day is so chock full of savings. Maybe next year we can celebrate a zero-military death toll along with 0% interest on Memorial Day. Maybe next year we can celebrate by not being total “asses” for just one day and support the campaigns below
Go Silent
Blue Star Families
Iraq Veterans against the War
“I see a yellow man, a brown man
A white man, a red man
Lookin' for Uncle Sam
To give you a helpin' hand
But everybody's kickin' sand
Even politicians
We're living in a plastic land
Somebody give me a hand, yeah…  
Come on try it, you can buy it, you can leave it next week, yeah
Somebody give me a Cheeseburger.”
Steve Miller Band (Livin’ in the USA)

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Brian's been working primarily in the digital space for years but enjoys all communications avenues.

He has built the creative departments at two agencies.

He likes skateboarding with his son. He also falls off his skateboard and amuses his son. When not amusing his son or riding bikes or playing basketball or working he writes for Beyond Madison Avenue & that's why Beyond Madison Avenue appears twice in this sentence.

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