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Do-si-do: Chiat Day and Night
By: SP
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They called it Chiat Day and Night. From my vantage point, it was more like sleep away camp.  

The 1984 commercial had run and we were beating away new clients from our door. You were expected to believe that your s**t didn't smell and you were better than any one else. Don't get me wrong...these were, for the most part, very nice and very smart people. Quite deserving of their elevated status.
So combine the long, difficult hours, with the belief that you deserved just a bit more than most, and boom, an office atmosphere where hooking up was on par with a Noel Coward play. The pairings often made no sense in terms of titles and responsibilities, or that the majority of actors were already married, engaged, or spoken for, but this was a clear attempt to get the parents' attention. Granted, I had no idea if the creatives were participating in the same behavior (there was always a demarcation between account and creative), but for us on the account and planning side, it was a choose your partner, do-si-do!
Clients were never harmed, nor aware. Work got done. No, great work got done. Jay had a saying, "good enough was never good enough." I still have that tee shirt.

(SP talks about the good old days...before Selfies, Facebook or Twitter.  When advertising was the profession most people did not get a degree in, but some of the smartest and most creative ended up there. Names will never be listed, but you know who you are.)

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SP is not my real name; they're not even my real initials.  What you'll read here is the truth but I won't name names. 
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