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Kenneth Cole Launches Google Glass Campaign
By: Dwayne W. Waite Jr.
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SXSW is well on its way, and brands are showcasing how they are getting more and more interactive.

And though we aren't sure if Kenneth Cole is present at SXSW, it is certainly flexing its digital muscle.

Kenneth Cole is launching its "Man Up for Mankind" campaign. It is using Google Glass as an integral part of the campaign. The goal? Men have to do one act of kindness, once a day, for 21 days. The men taking part in the campaign must be documenting their process on Google Glass.

Creative, huh?

The folks at PSFK believe that Cole, along with the ad agency Ready Set Rocket, are the first ones to use Google Glass in a digital marketing campaign.

Though the audience is very limited for this, it is an interesting twist. KC and the agency are hoping that this campaign brings an affluent male market to Cole's newest cologne, Mankind.

As new tools come out, we will continue to see brands attempting to figure out how to leverage them as best as possible. Cole's male market probably fits the Google Glass audience quite well, and will perhaps grab those early adopters. 

Kenneth Cole will no doubt receive some interesting data, good or otherwise, about the integration of new technology in lifestyle.

And we'll all be watching.

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Dwayne W. Waite Jr. is partner and principal at JDW: The Charlotte Agency, a marketing and advertising shop in Charlotte, NC. He enjoys consumer behavior, economics, and football.
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