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Know Thy Golden Super Bowl Rule
By: Briskman Stanfield
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Unlike regular weekly programing, Super Bowl Sunday commands a one-shot slot. And for this reason, just like the cheese, it stands alone. Yet it’s not the end of the song, as the old nursery rhyme claims, but rather the beginning. One of greatness displayed through winning gladiators of football intermittently sprinkled with entertaining ad goliaths on top.
However, come Sunday when the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos give it their best on borrowed (freezing) MetLife Stadium turf, gazillions of sports fans will also be giving their partying best as they watch the game warmly from inside, whooping it up until nature calls. A call most likely put on hold for (close your ears, ad people) COMMERCIAL time!
No problem, ad world. With the wondrous technology of the RECORD button, a miss is as good as a replay. And thanks to such a magic button, fans can rewatch the game at their very command with all the edgy, LOL (or not) ads, unless, the “FF” trigger finger of fate acts up, as it often happily does during “regularly recorded shows.” Oops!
Everyone knows the point of recording includes the ability to control personal programming, which includes personal editing. It gives meaning to the TGFFF acronym if there ever was one. Pressing record enables a viewer to watch in real-time: theirs, while it shaves more valuable “me time” from the advertiser’s clock.
The big question is, where does this leave the ad world when people miss their pricey messages? Better yet, how many people are advertisers not reaching?
As the world indulges, more and more, the ability to experience uninterrupted entertainment, the more willing they are to eliminate it.
One exception may be Super Bowl Sunday; the time viewers tune in with great anticipation to actually WATCH creative artistic genius because these productions are also Super Bowl winners. High priced at approximately four million dollars per 30-second spot, they are carefully nurtured and honed with hopes of having the immediate social media rage impact that Arby’s just experienced with perfectly timed Pharrell Williams’ hat tweet. Yes, everybody was “thinking Arby’s” after that brilliant move.
As teasers abound from advertisers’ big-day leaks, it is evident that there’s nothing they won’t do to capture the attention of the biggest audience gathered in one room, at one time, on one given day. 
Win or lose, one thing is definite: no one fast-forwards on any Super Bowl Sunday. Follow the rules, enjoy the game ads.

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Briskman Stanfield is a freelance copywriter and all-around, behind-the-scenes team player.

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