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Who Needs a LYFT?
By: Nelam Patel
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LYFT is an mobile application that was created a year ago in San Francisco. It is an app that allows people to request a “lyft” from regular people around town. Sketchy, huh? Think again. The way LYFT has advertised and promoted themselves has made passengers feel more comfortable with LYFT drivers than any other local transportation around the city.


LYFT does an extensive background screen with each candidate (potential driver). While the background screen is in process (since we all know that can take days) the Account Executives from the LYFT corporate team reach out to the candidates for a phone screen. After that they are selected for a face-to-face interview. Then comes car inspection, which includes valid insurance verification. Once all is checked and approved, they become LYFT Drivers. As simple as this sounds (it’s NOT) the rumor is that becoming a LYFT Driver is more difficult than being accepted at Harvard University. 


Most people automatically think this is not safe, but LYFT has made the app accessible only for people who have Facebook to verify everyone’s identity. Each time customers or even the drivers log in, they have to go through Facebook. You can just call Facebook a gateway to insure against crazies! Another awesome bit is that customers must have a valid phone number and input their credit card information before they are able to request a LYFT. 


Seems like LYFT has crossed all the "T's" and dotted all the “I’s.” But the best part about LYFT is how they have advertised with each community so well that they are more involved with each market they are focused on than any other companies similar to theirs. The sole purpose behind LYFT is said best with their tagline “Your friend with a car.” LYFT wants people to feel like they matter. 


Even if it’s a simple conversation a passenger is having with their LYFT driver or maybe even an emotional conversation, the point of LYFT is that they will be listened to. If you don’t want to talk, that is fine, too; the drivers will more than likely try to change the music in the car to fit the passenger’s mood. When the LYFT driver pulls up with the PINK MUSTACHE on the grill, you may think you are getting in a car with a stranger, but you will get out of the car with a new friend.


LYFT has become a prominent statement within one year; just imagine what will happen in two years! By the end of this month they will have launched in over 10 cities. Check out some awesome reviews by passengers themselves (Twitter: @lyft). 


LYFT has the welcoming colors of mint and light pink, simple icons, and a catchy tagline. They advertised with passion with what they believed in. Throughout the months they have kept the passion alive with their branding. Everything about LYFT is just so “lyfting,” why wouldn’t you want a LYFT? 

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About the Author
Nelam Patel is a Masters student pursuing her degree online at Academy of Art University. She is also a full-time employee at a creative staffing firm and works as a hostess during the weekends at one of the top restaurants in Atlanta, GA. During her free time you will see her at a local bar or reading fairytales. 
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