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Print is Here to Stay
By: Nelam Patel
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Does anyone even notice print advertising anymore? Let me rephrase that. Does anyone even care about print advertising anymore?


There are a few people left in this world who still thrive on seeing what advertisements are in the weekly newspapers. But for the majority of the world, print advertising is slowly but surely going away.


Print advertising has dropped drastically over the years, whereas online advertising has increased. With new social media concepts coming out on a regular basis, businesses are starting to become aware of the trend. This has led numerous businesses to step away from print advertising and to strategize about how to use their budget wisely to figure out where they can get the best bang for the buck. 


Advertising has become so digital. You see ads physically everywhere these days; all over social media, commercials on streaming channels, and even ads popping up on your phone while you are using an app. Advertising is happening through different platforms, but all of them are related to digital.


Everyone has access to some form of digital medium, whether it be a cell phone or a laptop. Whatever medium it may be, it has a digital component for businesses to somehow buy an ad on the platform to increase awareness of the brand or product. 


The two main print advertising platforms are newspapers and magazines. Both are a huge factors when it comes to advertising history, so both platforms will never completely go away, but print advertising will slowly decrease. Businesses will eventually start to refuse to pay for ads in newspapers or magazines when they know consumers are using digital platforms on a regular basis compared to grabbing a print copy on the go. However, newspapers and magazines have caught on to the digital trend, and numerous print companies have started to promote their websites drastically along with selling online ads.


Even with the digital takeover, the leaders of print are staying on top of all trends to make sure they never vanish. After all, they are the ones everyone used to go to for all the news. 

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About the Author
Nelam Patel is a Masters student pursuing her degree online at Academy of Art University. She is also a full-time employee at a creative staffing firm and works as a hostess during the weekends at one of the top restaurants in Atlanta, GA. During her free time you will see her at a local bar or reading fairytales. 
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