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Is Buzz Bringing Sexy Back?
By: Nelam Patel
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Who hasn’t had a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios at least once? It’s a cereal that everyone is familiar with for two reasons: Buzz the Bee and low cholesterol. But even with the cute mascot plus the positive health factor, the cereal tends to fade away from consumers' minds. 
You may ask why that is. Well, it’s because the ads have been the same for decades; generic print ads or commercials that are targeted toward families. The ads have only focused on the mascot, Buzz, or the healthy benefit of the cereal. Both are standard facts when we look at or hear of the Honey Nut brand.
So how does one bring Buzz back into the Honey Nut brand? Well, according to Nelly, who we all have known since our childhood days, it’s best if Buzz gets a little makeover. 
Saatchi & Saatchi have created a campaign called “Must be the Honey” that includes working with Nelly and his hit single “Must Be the Money." The lyrics have changed to incorporate the Honey Nut brand into the song. Lyrics have also been changed in certain areas to insure there are no derogatory terms. 
The campaign will be a significant boost for the Honey Nut brand. Honey Nut Cheerios is a cereal within many childhood memories. When you think of Nelly, who is from our younger days as well, you think of “Must Be the Money." All are great pieces from the past and the campaign is bringing all three memories back to life.
Buzz the Bee reminds all of us of our childhoods. Saatchi & Saatchi is bringing the past into the present. This campaign is still keeping the two main reasons (Buzz and health) intact, but is upgrading the brand to increase awareness by adding an artist to the mix. Buzz, along with his sidekick, Nelly, is planning to buzz around through all advertising platforms: social media, print, and digital. 
People have already had reactions towards Nelly and Buzz teaming up. Who knows? If this campaign skyrockets, we may see Justin Timberlake teaming up with Buzz the Bee. Now, if we are lucky enough, we may even see them dancing and singing to "SexyBack."

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About the Author
Nelam Patel is a Masters student pursuing her degree online at Academy of Art University. She is also a full-time employee at a creative staffing firm and works as a hostess during the weekends at one of the top restaurants in Atlanta, GA. During her free time you will see her at a local bar or reading fairytales. 
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