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Iced Hoffee
By: Maryann Fabian
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The Hoff is back and New England can’t get enough of him. Thankfully, Cumberland Farms didn’t leave his fans thirsting for too long. “Cumby,” as the locals call it, and David Hasselhoff are back together for a command performance and it’s as refreshing as an iced coffee while hang gliding.

The convenience store chain with 600 locations just launched a new music video-style commercial for its 99-cent iced coffee drink. Once again, it stars David Hasselhoff. From Baywatch and Knight Rider to European pop star to his latest incarnation as pitchman, you have to give Hasselhoff credit. He gets it. He understands his kitschy coolness and turns on the self-deprecating charm. The result is a commercial that’s pretty darn good. Donned in tan and white linen, Hasselhoff sings that he’s so thirsty for your love, he can’t hide it. Of course, he' s talking about Cumberland Farms' iced coffee...errr, iced hoffee. Kudos to the genius who created the 99-cent gold bling that the Hoff gets to flash across his 61-year-old chest. It gets the point across. And if Cumby’s wanted to sell farmhouse blend bling, there are buyers waiting on Facebook.

Hopefully, there will be enough in-store signage to support the campaign. Last year’s signs of the Hoff were so popular that they were lifted. According to the Boston Business Journal, "Cumby's had a rash of thefts at its stores, as fans pilfered sign after sign. Then pictures were circulated on social media, with the Hoff showing up in apartments, concert crowds, even wedding photos."

Sing it, Hoff: “In the hot summer sun, I’m gonna sip you up.”

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Maryann Fabian is a copywriter who has crafted the voice of some of this country's best brands.
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