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Vital Signs Of A New (Old) Age
By: Briskman Stanfield
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Bryan Adams sang “Summer of 69," but today Lauren Hutton spins her own rendition called "Fall at 69" as she breaks the advertising barrier in a very "lucky" way.

After reaching a certain age, many people cling to comfort, believing that the number is just a state of mind. They even push their rationalization (true or not) mantra on others who cross over the age of…discrimination.
Perhaps if repeated enough, the blows of getting chomped upon by demeaning, demoralizing demographics (the vital marketing tell-all), the moral of the adage will transcend and soften the feelings of uselessness.
While in the past the more mature, "wise aged" have certainly appeared in ads, they were touting diapers (for adults!), medical marvels (for digestive and sex ailments) or luxury developments (retirement communities). Get the dreary ad picture?
Well, hold on to your silver sneakers. Someone has been practicing their luminosity and raised their BMI! As a result, another someone else has gotten "Luckier."
Lucky Brand is featuring supermodel Lauren Hutton in their new campaign. The trendsetter who made the gap-tooth trés chic has become a Lucky Brand skinny (that’s right…skinny!) jeans model, and amazingly at the ripe young age of 69! Go, Lauren! You look positively stunning.
"Denim Democracy" is fittingly the name of the campaign, and was shot at Milk Studios in Los Angeles.
Has advertising turned a corner? Have attitudes changed? Possibly the executive vice president and creative director Patrick Wade of Lucky realized that expiration dates do not apply to people.
Perhaps others in the advertising world will take notice that those over that certain age are not only marketable, but also remarkable young geezers, gap teeth and all.
Lucky is obviously ahead of the game; however, the truth is in the profits and time will tell just how lucky their future campaigns, as well as others, will age.

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