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Self-Esteem Pays Off
By: Dwayne W. Waite Jr.
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The most common element in our society is the feeling of worth. No matter where one goes around the world, everyone wants (or needs) to feel good about themselves. It's true; if one cannot appreciate oneself, how can they appreciate others? It would be very tough to do.

The focus around the world, and especially in the advertising community, is clear: women need to feel great about themselves.

From the Dove campaigns in the U.S. and the UK to the "Girl Effect" campaigns in India and Asia, there is a movement going on around us that is helping women see that beauty and empowerment are not confined to the surface.

We now have an example of that in South America. 

The Spoleto restaurant is a pasta fast-food chain in Brazil. Its motto is "create good moments here." They proved that on International Women's Day, when they wanted to show appreciation and admiration to those women who showcased self-esteem.

At checkout, the Spoleto employees asked women if they thought they were beautiful. If the woman said yes, her entire meal was free.

It's nice when self-esteem pays off.

The agency that helped the restaurant pull this off was Artplan, a shop based in Rio. This public relations stunt garnered a ton of online traffic, and a significant increase in short-term revenue. Which is what stunts usually do.

This brings us back to the concept of "goodvertising." Spoleto could have done something really simple, like "20% off for women," but they decided to go the extra mile and placed revenue on the line to make a point that they are willing to sacrifice a little bit of money to show women that it is worth it to know that they are beautiful. That's a powerful message.

Big Ups to Spoleto and Artplan for continuing the movement to boost self-esteem in a positive manner.

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About the Author
Dwayne W. Waite Jr. is partner and principal at JDW: The Charlotte Agency, a marketing and advertising shop in Charlotte, NC. He enjoys consumer behavior, economics, and football.
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