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Beardvertise Here
By: Jessica Cherok
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The ability to grow a majestic beard is a coveted thing. Now, it’s a profitable thing.

It’s also a silly thing. Probably a flash-in-the-pan thing, but definitely a thing.

From tattooing company logos or writing promotions on your pregnant belly to naming your firstborn after your most favorite television network, advertising has long thought outside of the box to get our attention. So it should be no surprise beardvertising came along.

The thankfully less invasive — in permanence and emotional scars — advertisements simply clip into your beard, like tiny billboard-shaped hair bows. So far, the “BeardBoards” feature advertisements from A&W and Eagle One Automotive, and can earn the Beardvertiser up to $5 per day.

Not too shabby for something that just sits around on your face all day.

We are already walking advertisements for companies with our clothing, and we’re paying them. At least with beardvertising the consumer is getting some of the profit. Still, given how it turned out with the above-named examples, the concept has questionable longevity.

Whether the BeardBoards, or beardvertising in general, will catch on remains to be seen. Maybe it’ll expand into advertising options for women (and beardless men). I suggest Manevertising. Or BouffantBoard.

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Jessica Cherok is an advocate for online privacy, campaigning for ethical data practices and the protection of personal privacy.
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