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No Joke, The Ship Has Hit the Fans
By: Briskman Stanfield
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In order to prompt an ogle from an ad on YouTube, the content needs insane zzzzzzzzzzing! Humdrum doesn’t cut it. The production must be above board with earth-moving wit to provoke a first glance.

Think Target! An exciting montage of new merchandise featured in a musical format loyal viewers embrace watching, right down to the expected red-bulleted end. A guaranteed upbeat formula, so perfect that “other retailers” have copied it with look-a-likes (confusing viewers about exactly who is/was on Target).
However, when someone successfully breaks the copycat syndrome and leaves no question of brand in doubt, it’s time to take a step back and applaud the creative geniuses. In this case it’s DRAFTCB for Kmart. Fun doesn’t begin to explain the insane spin they put on a four-letter word (and not the obvious one). In this case they overworked a simple verb with the intention of pushing the grade-school silly button to promote their newsflash.
The spoof begins at the cost of “one-letter” word play. Then, with the exchange of misconstrued dialogue through a diverse cast of shoppers, this (out-of-Kmart-character) shocking message is heard.  Whether customers of the hard-of-hearing age demographics played a part in developing this spot or not, it is certainly one that exudes forbidden fun for all as Kmart announces they will locate items not in store, and ship for free. Talk about customer satisfaction!
Obviously desperate times call for comic (in this case bathroom) relief and in the funniest tongue-in-cheek campaign. Kmart, a division subsidiary of Sears Holdings Corporation, has certainly presented the most unexpected ad. While it is not quite near the high quality or refinement of a Target production, it isn’t meant to be. Kmart has discovered their own memorable identity in a zany skit that gets the point across to their own “targeted” customers with camp humor that commands laughter.
As a result, Kmart has gone viral with a following of fans who love to yuck it up! So, put your hands together for Kmart (and DRAFTCB) and check out their ROTFLOL video that will hopefully make you want, in the words of Kmart, to “ship your pants!”

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