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Launch Festival 2013: An Advertising Must-Have
By: Jason Will
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The Launch Festival descended upon San Francisco this past week and with that came brilliant minds from across the technology world. With the vast amount of talent engaged in the Hackathon over the weekend prior to the event, there were many opportunities to network and connect over the passion for technology and innovation. Here are some of the highlights from the event and key takeaways.

Let’s take a little more in-depth look at the Hackathon. Developers were given the weekend and up until 2:00 PM on Monday to build a website. From there a series of two-minute presentations were given and judges would determine if the idea would be sustainable and generate a profit. The overwhelming feedback from developers was that the panel’s sole focus was to determine the teams who demoed the shortest and most effective route to monetization versus how disruptive or in depth the technology was. Considering the majority of people judging had investor backgrounds, this particular piece shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Once the festival was in full swing on Monday, you could feel the energy and people were in the networking zone. By Wednesday you could tell people were wiped out, most probably from the nightly events that kept people out to the wee hours. The main stage, which was used to help companies launch their sites, was filled with plenty of good concepts, but one in particular caught my attention.

The site is called AdStage and their mission is to help businesses manage and have an effective presence across the growing number of networks that offer advertising platforms. In a nutshell, their demo consisted of being able to broadcast an ad campaign across multiple sites simultaneously and help guide your content. More specifically, you could see which words would be most effective and reach the greatest number of people through search and adjust accordingly. The campaign could easily be replicated again in the future or altered if you would like to try a new approach. Also, once your budget was set, the system would allocate dollars most effectively to the platform that was experiencing the best results throughout your campaign.

With the introduction of this simple and easy-to-execute ad creation platform, businesses are now able to reach a much broader audience on their own. Most often, firms are brought in to manage ad strategy, but this results in a much larger cost than launching it from AdStage.

How does your company execute advertising content, identification of audience, and adjust on the fly during a campaign? Take a look at this company that is going places and will help you stretch your dollars further. Be sure to comment on your advertising strategy and please share your thoughts on AdStage.

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About the Author
Jason Will is an avid traveler and entrepreneur based in San Francisco where he serves as the Co-Founder and CEO of Zipkick, which is the first travel site to completely customize the search results on an individual basis. Zipkick is Netflix for travel and their mission is to make travel search more accessible and mobile. Check out www.zipkick.com and connect with Jason via Twitter or LinkedIn.  
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