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The Old Flip Will Never Flop
By: Briskman Stanfield
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There’s Rapunzel! Godiva! Samson! and let’s not forget, Cousin It! Think hair: a good four-letter word that attracts more attention than a magnet! Surprisingly, the most unassuming person caves when it comes to that subject. This is the "mane" reason Glamour’s February extra hair section is a feature to truly flip over, not just for readers but advertisers as well.

While the regular edition is woven with the usual topics readers want to know about but were afraid to ask their doctors, lovers, friends, etc., it ends on page 163 to shift the focus. Via a circled message directed to the “hair-crazy,” the reader is prompted to "flip the issue and start over from the back for a special on the subject.”
If the loaded beauty contents of the regular issue appear to be conflicting with a "special hair section" in back, it’s because this is considered a beauty-themed issue-within-an-issue. Yes, this edition is bursting with beauty from front to back — and back again. And, as the magazine becomes a brand new read, celebrity front covergirl Zooey (Deschanel) also appears flipside in a back shot of cascading tresses.
The story behind the flip is that it also allows for an exclusive (but not only) advertiser such as Unilever the opportunity to display their many hair brands, (including TRESemmé, Suave, and Clear) in an entire section, according to Bill Wackermann, EVP and publishing director.
Beauty is big business and never goes out of style. Even in a struggling economy it ranks high on the "pick me up" list. Everybody knows how revitalizing a new lipstick purchase can be and very cheap therapy. However, learning what’s in and out in the hair world is major. It’s the all-encompassing FYI tell-all for every season that can make advertiser’s dreams come true.    
Glamour magazine’s "20 pages of hair" edition provides the perfect vehicle for Unilever to blitz their products in a technique that brings hair to the fore and backfront, something that expert Wackerman knows all about as he expects Glamour to be up 11 percent in ad pages with this issue compared to the 2012 issue.
Who can resist the urge to flip? Some may feel the fond throwback memories to children’s picture books, cookbooks, mystery novels, or various magazines, including wacky MAD. But because this concept delivers double the amount of what is expected, it is a successful technique often used in the marketing of various products, whether coined two-fers, BOGO, or a gift with bonus.  
Are two-in-one issues an advertising gimmick? Possibly, but definitely an idea that arouses curious minds and work. Apparently that entertaining element of "aha!" or "wow!" has the ability to shake up the ‘same old as it introduces a brand-new story. For Glamour, it is a glorious way to attract advertisers and perhaps sell more hard copies to a following of hair aficionados/readers who choose to flip real live pages.

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Briskman Stanfield is a freelance copywriter and all-around, behind-the-scenes team player.

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