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Great Advertising Inside The Box
By: Briskman Stanfield
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November may be the month of ‘expected’ thanks, but what about the other 11? The simple cost of politeness is one thing affordable to all. Finally, the good manners act is getting its due props with businesses donning their Sunday best by showing signs of gratitude in the most surprising of places.

On the retail grid, family and friends appreciation day has become an implied big generous ‘thank you for being our customer’ greeting with incredibly high VIP discounts of 50%+ from many, many retailers (on select merchandise and new arrivals for limited days). But a more covert way of giving thanks comes from the advertising of Loft, which arrives in a basic brown box, following an e-commerce transaction.  
And while pressing the ‘send’ button may be the rush for some, opening that Pandora's Loft Box may very well be it for others, because a Loft box order pleasantly contains more to meet the virtual shopper’s anticipated eyes. 
Between the crisp layers of exquisitely folded packing tissue is not only the treasured order and descriptive packing sheet (of what-for’s and how-to’s), but also an unexpectedly hip watercolor-rendered note of thanks from the Loft President & CEO, Kay Krill (no less). It says it all:
“Thank you so much for shopping at LOFT.
I hope you love everything you ordered—
and that you’re prepared for lots of compliments!
I want to personally let you know how much
I value your business. We never take your loyalty
for granted, and if there’s anything we can
do better, just let me know. You can email
me anytime at Kay@LOFT.com.”
Yes! This is the Loft mindset for every online order. But who sends gratitude for shopping in this green, rude world? It’s called appreciation (on hopefully recycled paper) and the latest way of telling the customer, “We value your business”...especially when there’s strong competition vying for the consumer’s hard-earned dollars.
Who doesn't like a simple thank you? Whether kindness is the outcome of economic woes or a return to basic life rules of doyennes of decorum Letitia Baldrige, Emily Post, Ms. Manners or even good old Mom, clearly there is a revival to simple, lovely retail etiquette.
Maybe the big old big-box discounter Walmart was on to something huge when they employed greeters (despite the mockery). One thing that is certain: Politeness is contagious and customers from all levels (not just the high-end designer stores clustered together in the tonier malls) enjoy being on the receiving end, responding (often with a smile) accordingly for proof. 
Lately, there’s no hiding from ‘good morning, hello, thank you,' greetings. These words have become the cool social interactive expressions retailers are now trained to use with all customers. Consider it advertising on its best behavior, intended to reboot an image and make shoppers feel worthy. 
But bottom line, the retailer who extends the unexpected gesture of kindness, inside the box or out, is the brand that lingers, like a hug, and is remembered warmly.

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Briskman Stanfield is a freelance copywriter and all-around, behind-the-scenes team player.

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