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The Rain of Creative Responsibility
By: Tom Roarty
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Hurricane Sandy has come and gone, and I am sure many people are tired of hearing about it. Even as a person who calls New York home, I, too, am just tired of reading about the devastation that has taken over my city. What is more impressive than the destruction of the storm is the way in which professionalism was upheld through this disaster.
The fact that we were hit with one of the largest hurricanes in recorded history would have been a viable excuse for so many people to just stray from their previous obligations, but that did not seem to happen in the creative world. Surely the ability to do the work was not as seamless as it usually is on a day-to-day basis, but we pressed on. The lack of Internet, electricity and cell service for designers and their contacts were sketchy at best. Yet, we still found a way to get done what we needed to.
My office has been shut down since Monday, in the midst of one of our biggest projects. Our week was supposed to include designing and posting presentations for one of our clients’ Third-Quarter Earnings Call. This project is not only a priority for us, but also to the client, who has to answer to the SEC and investors in regard to their financial filings. So even though what happened here in New York was catastrophic, investors not in this area or affected by the storm would not understand it if they could not get the information they needed. Although it took quite the production to complete this task with coordinating who had electric, who had Internet, who had email, who had access to the staging servers and who could access the live servers, the task was complete.
In between working on this presentation and checking up on friends and family, I used social media to get the majority of my news. It was through it that I learned that what we had accomplished was not an isolated professional accomplishment, but one of many. Most of the designers, copywriters, Art and Creative Directors I follow through social media have similar stories, all equally impressive in dedication and execution.
Today’s designers have taken responsibility for the clients they represent, and today’s clients have come to expect their designers to deliver on what they promise. It is through the use of technology and determination that most obstacles can be avoided for creatives. It is not always easy, and there are times that resources outside of your comfort zone may have to be used, but no matter what the climate, technological obstacles or pressure-driven deadlines arise, it is the job of a creative to always deliver on what we promise.

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