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Why it Rocks to Live in AdLand
By: Dwayne W. Waite Jr.
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As we search the online universe for information about AdLand, sometimes we receive a nice, solid reality check. Like we ourselves talk about the "bubble" many advertising professionals live in, only minding information we are interested in or focused on, we occasionally fail to take our own advice.

Example: obviously, we follow @BeyondMadAve to see when our posts go out and the following reactions. Recently we dug a little deeper and saw that @BeyondMadAve found favor on this list:


Complainers? Now if you look at the members of the list, we do seem to hold reputable company, but to say that the esteemed folks at BMA complain, whether or not Ms. Mason uses the word in the best way possible, we felt like it was worth using a post to change our tone. For we believe that our and our BMA colleagues' criticism is out of the fact that we love AdLand, and wish the best for it.

So today we figured we'd keep our grumpy pants in the dresser and revel over the awesomeness of AdLand.

Wide Range of Talent is Needed and Used
AdLand is sweet in the fact that it doesn't attract a single type of professional. It needs designers, creatives, data analysts, researchers, sociologists, operation managers, business developers, office administrators, accountants, project managers, event planners, and even human resources (though they are not the first people invited to the party). Everyone has a role in AdLand and that is what makes it special and unique. We are all in this industry for a purpose, and when we work together efficiently, it is a beautiful thing.

Ability to Reflect Society's Image
There is an ongoing debate about whether AdLand reflect's society's image or if it influences society image. The common thought in AdLand, as well as results from the perception of advertising report we did suggests that AdLand indeed acts like a mirror. We do not create the national dialogue, but once the conversation is started we can show the public the benefits and consequences of their action or inaction. We are in an industry where we can show people what they should be thinking about. We can help them choose what kind of lifestyle they would like to lead. Where else besides journalism can you have that kind of power over national conversation?

The Chance to be Creative
In a cluttered world, AdLand is commissioned to figure out ways to the a message out, heard, understood, and acted upon. Not an easy mission. We get to use a whole arsenal of tools, online and offline, traditional, new and unconventional, in order for consumers to receive information. We get to think up ways and words that will get people's attention. How cool is it that we can think of and act on some weird ideas, all part of a job?

The Chance to Make a Difference
From cause marketing to "goodvertising" to advocacy, jumping head first into advertising gives you the opportunity to make a difference locally or globally. Being able to use a message or campaign to spread a good cause or to increase awareness for companies or organizations doing good is an awesome opportunity. 

The Chance to Learn Business
How can you help sell a product if you don't understand how it works? How can you pledge to increase revenue when you don't understand how the business or organization uses and maintains its cash flow? If we believe in the product or service of the brand we are helping, we become partners with the brand. We learn how the business operates. We see the strengths and weaknesses tht the brand has, and how it can take advantage of the strengths and weaknesses of its competitors.

AdLand: You Get What You Put Into It
If all you want to do is design, then design away. If you want to learn to lead a creative team, you can. If you prefer the business and accounts side of agency work, we need more of you. If you want to learn how to work with an agency on the client side, there's plenty of need for people like you too. Interested in media buying, too? Go for it! There are so many chances for you to sharpen your craft, learn a different side of the advertising world, than ever before. You have the ability to stay in one corner, and love it, or to experience the wide world of advertising. It's up to you.

There's plenty more reasons why its awesome to be in advertising, but we think these are enough rays of sunshine and rainbows. Feel free to add your opinions.

photo credit: Billy Zetsubou

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Dwayne W. Waite Jr. is partner and principal at JDW: The Charlotte Agency, a marketing and advertising shop in Charlotte, NC. He enjoys consumer behavior, economics, and football.
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