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#CleanHands Believes In Fans
By: Briskman Stanfield
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Calling out (through personalized emails) to those who believed in the power of "fresh clean towels," this promotion began with a quick online application. Only lucky fans were selected to win a "limited" brand fan reward welcome kit and caboodle full of samples, coupons, and a sweet “Brand Kleenex foam pointing cheering hand.” Oooh yeah!
You could say this company has a "hand-le" on how to maximize hands-on social media advertising. They have created quite an exciting chain reaction, encouraging fans to join and share their "Clean Hand Towel savvy ideas and tips" at their site and others, i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

How would I know? I was a chosen one! Or perhaps my gender, age, and zip code were really the demographically chosen red flags that nudged me into the winner's circle through the following ego-boosting email, which made my day:

“Thanks for raising your hand for the Kleenex Hand Towels™ Clean Hands Campaign and for your interest in our Brand Fan program! We received an overwhelming response from excited fans just like you. We’re excited to let you know that you were selected to participate in the program and help encourage others to support the Clean Hands Campaign. Welcome!”

But for whatever reason I was really selected, I was thrilled to be a lucky winner of something other than credit card transfer balance offers. FYI, when this slightly bigger-than-a-breadbox kit arrived at my front doorstep and the foam finger-pointing-hand popped out of the box upon opening, it was a truly "LOL" moment that led to nothing but #CleanHands fun inside!
And the fun hasn’t stopped. Kleenex knows how to keep the brand interest going and growing through continuous email communications where the next exciting mission is announced (w/prizes).
Yet this isn’t the first time Kleenex has had fun online promotions. Anyone who is a Kleenex follower knows they really give (useful products) in order to receive attention, whether it’s sending a sharing/caring Kleenex Box message or designing your own w/personal photos.
For an old brand, which began in 1924, Kleenex knows how to stay current with brand memorable advertising created through enticing interaction. This latest campaign has currently attracted 14 million #CleanHand fans, and that’s a lot of high fives for Kleenex.

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Briskman Stanfield is a freelance copywriter and all-around, behind-the-scenes team player.

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