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Advertising on Social Media: Do We Have the Time?
By: Brian Keller
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Whether you are busy on FarmVille, SchoolFeed, or Glassdoor, you know there is a lot of time spent on social media. Quick to capitalize on this media is the advertising industry, where agencies have online media departments and “engagement agents” who plan online experiences and media. We found out more about SMM from Marcus Bailey Worldwide, whose position has always been “What we don’t know we buy, then learn.”
Beyond Madison Avenue was given the following cursory media plan devised by Wendi O. Bluphin. Wendi is a Wharton MBA and former Innovation Strategist. After years of not being able to explain what she did for a living, she turned to digital media and planning.
From the Desk of Wendi O. Bluphin
Marcus Bailey Worldwide

Dear Roger,
Here is a quick overview of the plan devised for American Toilet Stall. At the end of the day, we will intentionally create a viral video. With that being said, the video will, of course upset the Millennials with its obvious attempt to go viral on toilet stalls. Our backs will be up against the wall because of the anger caused by the video, but we’ll make lemonade as it will be passed around our constituencies and will truly go viral with anger as the fuel. We have targeted this demo as research indicates that they are prone to have sex in toilet stalls more often than other demos we studied. This could be a win-win for us as we can sell ad space on your toilet-stall walls. In that regard, I have contacted K-Y, Trojan, and Cuervo to measure interest. Would you be willing to embed flatscreens into your stalls so that we may have an instrument to play video that is conducive to quick sex? We will be hiring 50 people to “person” a new department devoted to pasting video content to social outlets.
In any event, we will break on YouTube and share on:

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This would give us the exposure we need. I am negotiating with Soda Head now as they are having problems in New York City. I’ll hit PhoneFav hard. They have a new technology that allows one to speak to another on their smart device. I’ll explore other avenues for exposure (no pun) for American Toilet Stall.
Best Regards,
Wendi O. Bluphin
Marcus Bailey Worldwide
Director Digital Engagement/Digital Media/Digital Thinking/Virtual placement (For when you don’t have a budget, we have your media!)
Offices Worldwide (Asia*USA*Africa*Australia*South America*Central America*Countries in North America not covered by USA*Texas)
“Jonathan sighed. The price of being misunderstood, he thought. They call you devil or they call you God.” Jonathan Livingston Seagull
We love magazines like Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Esquire, GQ, and Cosmo, but if we tried to wear everything they suggested, eat everything they suggested, exercised in every way suggested, and please our man or woman in every way suggested, we would just run out of time. If we tried, perhaps, to take advantage of every venue offered by social media, maybe we wouldn’t have time to read magazines anymore. How much time is spent before it’s too much time?

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About the Author
Brian Keller is the Creative Director at teeny agency in Baltimore. He graduated from the University of Maryland (English), went to grad school at NYU (Cinema Studies), & attends University of Baltimore School of Law.

Brian's been working primarily in the digital space for years but enjoys all communications avenues.

He has built the creative departments at two agencies.

He likes skateboarding with his son. He also falls off his skateboard and amuses his son. When not amusing his son or riding bikes or playing basketball or working he writes for Beyond Madison Avenue & that's why Beyond Madison Avenue appears twice in this sentence.

Find him online here and at www.teenyagency.com.
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