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Reputation: The Foundation of Prosperity
By: Tom Roarty
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Of all the key factors that go into the making of a successful advertising agency, maybe the most important ingredient is reputation. At the top of the game, advertising careers are based on reputations. It is one's reputation for success that will dictate how the remainder of their career will ride out. If you don’t think people remember what you do, think again. With the amount of dedication and sacrifice required to make it in the advertising world, both hard work, and the lack thereof, are always remembered.
From the client perspective, it is the reputation of an agency that will get you in the door. Beyond what your track record is or how many awards you have won, these days clients also want to know how you will back their brand. What type of support do you offer? What kind of turnaround time can they expect, and how consistent are you on meeting those deadlines? What types of personalities will they encounter? All of which are valid questions for a long-lasting relationship. The days of good work alone gets the account are gone, and rightfully so. There is a lot of competition for advertising dollars and businesses can — and should — expect superior customer service to accompany their advertising initiatives.
From an employee perspective, it is important to remember that the job you start at is most likely not the job you will finish at in your career. While you are in the process of growing your skills, you will encounter many people who will help cultivate your skills, whether it be by teaching you things that you can use or by teaching you how not to approach professional scenarios. From the time you start your first project in this business, there will be a record by which you will be judged. Are you dedicated to your work? Are you focused? How do you deal with people? Are you good under pressure? Those are the things people will remember about you throughout your career, aside from your work. If there is one thing that you can be sure of if you stick with advertising, the people you come across today will most likely show up again at some point in the future.
Simplified, a position in advertising is the ultimate customer service job. Unlike most companies who can farm that aspect of their business out, the same does not hold true for this industry. Any campaign can be developed in an unlimited amount of directions, across a variety of medias, but it is the reputation of an agency and its employees that will instill the confidence of its clients and assure growth for all involved.

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