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5 Ways to Find Creative Inspiration
By: Tom Roarty
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It is no secret that being a creative in the advertising industry is not always the easiest of jobs. There is a certain pressure that we thrive on in order to assure that the quality of work that we produce is up to our standards as well as our clients'. Sometimes the creative process comes to us easier than other times, but once in a while we hit a wall, and in those times everything seems to be a struggle. Luckily in today’s digital age, combined with traditional methods, there is help all around us. We just need to train ourselves as to where to look.
Sites such as Instagram and Tumblr are a great source for graphic inspiration. With a wide variety of imagery from around the world, sometimes it’s not images of things we are working on that we need to see, but rather completely unrelated images that will inspire us.
Twitter is a great site to visit when faced with the task of trying to execute a message quickly and effectively. With the 140-character constraint, it takes time to craft a cohesive message, and there are people on the service that have perfected the art of doing just that.
In the more traditional sense, just keeping a pen and paper within reach at all times is a good practice for any creative. So long as you just keep the pen moving, ideas will eventually come.
Music has always inspired designers and copywriters. Again, the tone of the music does not necessarily have to match the feeling of your campaign. It just has to relax you enough to open your mind to different ways of seeing things.
Walking is not only a way of exercising your body, but it is also a way to exercise your mind as well. When on a stroll, you are not going at the fast pace of transportation, and you have the ability to see the detail of things that you may not have in the past.
Since different things inspire everyone, there is no one perfect method that could cure a creative stumbling for the next great idea.  Over time, even what might work for us in on one occasion may not have the same result for us on another occasion. The important thing to know is everyone faces these challenges at one time or another, so you’re not alone. If being a professional creative was easy, everyone would be doing it. After all, even on its worst days, it’s still a pretty great profession to be in!

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