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Oh Come All Ye Faithful: The Cannes Hopefuls
By: Christine Amy
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It’s that time of the year again in the ad industry; the second coming, the nuclear bomb, the suicide contemplation. A time of plague and ecstasy, a time of life and death, and a time where, for seven consecutive days, the entire creative sector of the ad industry develops a kinship and adoration for cats. Yes; it’s Cannes season, and since chances are most of us will be betting on lions from afar, the vast jungle that is the Internet has begun providing us with insider details, pools, and predictions for who reigns supreme this year.

Among the race runners sits BETC Euro RSCG, Paris and their surprisingly refreshing use of smoke and mirrors for Canal+’s spot “The Bear.” After a brief introduction of what seems to be leading us into a medieval Michael Bay piece, the commercial’s protagonist, a walking, talking bearskin rug, enters the spot and begins preaching to us about his love of film and what turned him into a famous director. Amidst a flawlessly crafted script of actors and colleagues’ praises of the bear-turned-director lays an unexpected tie-in, which seems to come along as often as a prize inside a box of Captain Crunch — the bear’s adoration of cinema comes from his countless hours of lying in the living room in front of the TV watching Canal+. The commercial is then laced with the "The more you watch Canal+, the more you love cinema" tagline. A simple twist to an elaborate execution is something we’re far from expecting, and that might result in a couple of roars for France.

Another promising hopeful comes from the hands of BBDO Proximity, Berlin. In their “Going Home” spot for Smart Car, the agency resorts to a dramatic, feature-film scenario to tell their story. In it, a couple ride out in their Smart to the middle of nowhere only to have the man reveal his true identity, a space alien whose been sent to earth to “provide evidence on the intelligence” of the human race. After unmasking the real squid-like face he hides under a mask, the man’s space ship lights up over him, as if to transport him back to space, but instead takes the Smart car and leaves him behind. This spot’s witty punch line might be enough to have Germany make room for a trophy.  

From the eclectic array of blogger selections and lists, these spots are most definitely a handful of red rubies in a pool of diamonds. Gems whose stream of thought, strategy, and overall construction stand out from beautifully crafted yet un-surprising executions. Now it’s up to the skinny tie-and-Converse-wearing gods of improvisation and ego to declare the cat’s meow.

Check out the spots below.

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Hailing from the world's fried food and scorching temperatures capital, Christine Amy is a Puerto Rican copywriter with a passion for words, music, and simple ideas. She has a Master's in Advertising Design from Barcelona, and is a freelance writer for both Beyond Madison Avenue and Dailybeatz, an indie music blog.
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