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Your Job Just Might Be The Next Summer Blockbuster!
By: Tom Roarty
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When most people go to a movie, the thing they tend to buzz about most is the previews. Consisting of the best part of a film, the commercial aspect of a movie trailer is usually the most interesting 60 seconds put into one montage to bedazzle and captivate audiences for future revenue. With all the prestige of working for an ad agency, one industry not often thought about by up-and-coming advertising creatives is the movie industry.
Generating more than $10 billion a year in U.S. profits alone, not only is there a budget for creating awareness, but potential for worldwide exposure as well. There is also the perk of not working in traditional guidelines, as in, how cool would it be to work on action/adventure, sci-fi, comedy and/ or drama, compared to the more mundane advertising clients who try and hawk paper towels, fast food, and garbage bags? Yes, kids, it is not always the glamour of liquor and candy company ads. Agencies will take in whatever clients they can to play the bills and, unfortunately, the majority of clients are not going to get you noticed based on product alone.
Movies are timeless. They are an affordable escape for just about anyone, even at today’s prices. As budgets get bigger and franchises get stronger, the quality of work will only get better. Even the worst movie can leave you with an emotion, which is more than even the best dish-washing detergent commercial can do with the backing of the greatest advertising minds. So where does one go to break into the world of movie advertising?
Well, there are a few agencies that specialize in the field, but probably the best way to stay on the creative end of things is to apply at the studio level. All clips and stills come from the set, so the studios are the roots to the real creative being used by any outside creatives. If your're not sure how much creative can be generated by one film, think of this: Each film usually has a poster, website, social-media promotions, a couple of trailers, post cards, press kits, investor presentations, T-shirts, toys, promotional booths and so much more! All of the above generate money not included in the $10 billion U.S. ticket sales numbers!
Is it easy to get a job in the movie industry? No easier than it is to get a job in an agency, and not all projects are going to be perfect. The important thing to know is that these days, when there are not a lot of jobs for creative, there are options out there. Don’t just be creative in your field; be creative in your life and look for opportunities where you might not have. You never know where your employment adventure will take you!

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